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Thank you all for your support, comments, faves, watches, llamas and critiques! :D Even if I can't always reply back, I'm grateful for all your freedback!

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Assorted Yugioh Sprite Sheet
First sheet, yes! Dance!  This was something I've been working with on and off in between work and figuring out some plans too rough to really show otherwise. In the past, I had some concerns and issues on whether to make a series as individual pieces (where they're submitted as they're each done with at risk of spamming up my gallery and those of you who watch me) or if I had enough restraint to get all of them done on a single sheet worth (where there's less spam, but that also means those already finished have to wait on those that aren't, and my self-control was a bit off on that before). I was encouraged to keep this as a sheet, and eventually, they're all done!

Most of these are familiar faces, but some of these may not. On top of doing DM series canon characters, there's some OCs I had that I previously introduced, and some new faces among my and :iconsammie224466: 's OCs. In order from left to right, top to bottom, we have:

Yugi Muto
Yami Yugi / Atemu
Seto Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba
Ryou Bakura

Joey Wheeler / Jounouchi Katsuya
Serenity Wheeler / Shizuka Kawaii
Maximillion Pegasus J Crawford
Zigfried von Schroeder
Bandit Keith Howard
Kiera Howard (OC*)

Aimi "Mimi" Ai (OC+)
Yuu Ai (OC)
Yuan Nauta (OC)
Austru (OC-)
Siphonei (OC)
Viveca (OC= )

Alister / Amelda

Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Mystical Elf
Harpie Lady
Obake Kuchisake-Scissona (OC++)
Dantzari Flamenco (OC**)


And for those of you who are perfectly fine to hear me ramble on a bit more, mostly about OC stuff:

*Kiera was an OC made by pure accident, someone personified, and who I guess I more or less inherited back.

"She looks like a genderbent Keith," you may think, and you'd be right! Which goes right to how she was born. She started off as a sprite edit I made a long while back for fun of a genderbent Bandit Keith. My friend, Thessarus, loved her design enough to decide to make her a full fledged character, dubbed her "Kiera", and RPed her as Keith's little sister. The RP hangout we used to all be at didn't last the test of time, and like the good character-mum I am, I ended up forgetting her existence entirely until I was cleaning out some stuff and found the original sprite, and now that I remember her again, I may start using her more for later projects or art-farts.

+Mimi is Yuu's older sister. She has way more physical differences than her sprite does any justice to show, but I do plan to show her off more especially for anatomy practice later on. For now, I'll just be brief and say she's based on, and ICly joked, of being Yami Yuu, due to their similarities, and she'll take Kiera under her wing more.

-I don't think I mentioned him by name before, but he's Siphonei's husband and Dartz's brother-in-law. His clothes tried to mimic that of Gustos more because like Atlanteans being the precursor to the Ice Barrier and eventually Gishki families centuries later, he came from a tribe that was a precursor to Gusto.

=Viveca is Yugi and Yami's ancestor who lived during Dartz's lifetime (and predates Pharaoh Atemu by centuries), hence her similarities to them. There's another ancestor I had in mind that I hadn't drawn up but plan to who draws similar parallels to Viveca as Yugi shares with Yami, but that's for another time. Her design was based on scrapped concepts for the dark mage class of Fire Emblem (as of Awakening). She's one of Siphonei's two retainers and hails from a tribe that would be a precursor to the Necrovalley tribe. (The other retainer is Iona.)

^Elicia is :iconsammie224466: 's OC (done with permission and feedback) and is one of Seto's duel spirits. Despite having the appearance of a young, cute girl, she's actually a wicked worm beast. (Yes, that one.)

++Scissona is among Yuu's frequently used monsters on her own unique archetype, Obake. They're a group of monsters all based on various youkai who inhabit and merge physically with a weapon of choice. The archetype are all named as a mix between a youkai and their weapon of choice, with Scissona being a combination of scissors and based on the Kuchisake-onna, or "slit-mouthed woman" youkai.

**Flamenco is among Yuan's frequently used monsters of his own unique archetype, Dantzari. They're also a group of monsters based on ghosts, but unlike Obake, Dantzari all are disembodied spirits heavily themed on appearance and their color theme focused around a specific style of dance they're individually named after. Baring an exception or so, Dantzari usually adopt the name outright of the dance that spirit was based on.
Legendary Heroes Mockup
So for the sake of practice and curiosity, I tried to make a mockup of the two times we've seen Legendary Heroes in its pixel-art form. For those who don't remember, it's the first virtual world simulator RPG Seto Kaiba created.

The very first problem I ran into is how the very first time we've seen this interface and the second time somewhat differ from each other, and with my poor memory of all the details behind that episode, I took a stab on guestimates of how many tiles this took (the image with Seto I guessed 13x10 tiles, which is what I went with, while the second was about 7x10, took the path into account seen in the first, but not the second, etc) and threw this together.

Second problem I ran into is I wasn't sure halfway in how to do the whole background. I didn't know if the solid colors were the animator's referencing the details in a simplistic design (like how the path didn't have much detail even if the 3d world had everything from grass to dirt roads, etc), or if the pixel art hub was simplistic because ICly, Seto wasn't done with it and it was just there for placeholders (as the grids around the trees make it seem). I also similarly didn't know how much or how little to do in the latter case because I wanted it not to look like my incomplete WIP, but in the end I just threw together grass to try to meet it all halfway.

Even if Mokuba never had a mini sprite on the episode proper, I added him in anyways for completion's sake.

So, yeah. Just a quick thing I thought you'd all might like. Sweating a little... 
The Ultimate Struggle
Quick little idea, surprisingly equally quick to do. I was trying to work on other things in the meantime, was a bit stuck, and this came out as a result of breaking out a bit of a funk. I think this is the first I did something in a comic-like setup, but this is all just for fun.

Baby blue eyes who may or may not be based on several video clips of cute puppies and kittens trying to reach for things. It's a very young blue eyes, so it doesn't quite know how to fly yet. But it still tries anyways like a champ.
Genderbent Seto
And we're done! Earlier, I posted this already while still in its lineart step, but now she's all colored and ready to go!

So to add to what I said last time, this earlier started as kinda-sorta a redline of something my sis drew that she wanted some advice on (I won't share the original unless she feels comfortable and/or posts it herself if she is ok with it). I did so in sketch form, and she wanted to see how Seto looks when complete, so besides going ahead to finish this entirely for fun, not only did it give me a chance to practice some new things from how to even draw Seto and further how to shade her (I only did one recent attempt before and it's been a long time so differences are plentiful), but it gave me a chance too to share what I did and how I did as far as shades and effects go.
Genderbent Seto (lineart)
Come to think of it, I don't think I submitted anything I did as just plain lineart before, huh.

Initially, this started out as a kinda-redline-ish thing for something my sis drew that she wanted advice on. It ended up becoming more than it was and, with her permission, I continued working more on it to be a full-fledged pic. I'm already in the process of coloring and shading it, but when I shared with her the lineart, I realized I never really shown something while it's still just lineart before.

So, first time for everything I suppose. A bit of a preview of one of the things I've been working on by the by. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
Sorry guys for making frequent journals of this sort, but I'd rather do as much as I can to help as possible by spreading the word just in case.

Recently,, there is news of a major security leak in Cloudflare-related services. It may not be obvious which services this means, but according to source-links on that page, the following might be affected:

- Uber
- Reddit
- Yelp
- Digital Ocean
- OKCupid
- RapGenius
- Coinbase
- Product Hunt
- Udemy
- Crunchyroll
- FitBit
- Hacker News
- Zendesk
- Discord
- Github pages
- Chocolatey
- Potentially Patreon

Please everybody, stay safe! If you or anyone you know uses any of these services, please change your keys immediately!


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